adata su800 ssdADATA SU800 series SSD drives are now available at up to 2TB in capacity, ADATA originally launched the SU800 series back in 2016 but now they have new capacity points to offer.

The SU800 series are standard 2½” laptop size SSD drives. The SU800 are 7mm thick so they can fit most any machine.

The new 2 TB variant (ASU800SS-2TT-C), continues to be based on the Silicon Motion SM2258G controller, cushioned by a DRAM cache, and uses Micron-made 3D TLC NAND flash. It uses up to 8 percent of its TLC NAND flash as SLC cache which is common in multilayer SSD products.

The drive can saturate SATA III ports readily with over 550MB/s read speeds. Write speed is over 520MB/s which makes this an ideal drive for any laptop or desktop user. The SU800 series also support DEVSLP (SATA 3.2 sleep mode) which is widely supported by the industry.

The SSD has a 1.6PB write endurance. The MTBF is a typical 2 million hours.

The SSD comes with a 3 year warranty. Its expected to be available at $379.