athlon with vega graphicsThe AMD Athlon 200GE processor is the new Zen based logic for socket AM4. The MSRP is $55 for a boxed CPU and cooler.

  • AMD Athlon delivers responsive, reliable computing for everyday users
  • Radeon Vega 3 Graphics for smooth videos and gaming
  • 2 Cores / 4 Processing Threads
  • 4MB L3 cache
  • 3 GCN graphics cores
  • 1MB L2 cache
  • 3.2 GHz Clock Frequency
  • DDR4-2667 support
  • Socket AM4, platform-upgradable to Ryzen
  • DDR4 Support, Efficient 35W TDP
  • Near-Silent CPU Cooler Included

The AMD Athlon 200GE represents a big value for the price conscious user. Socket AM4 can be upgraded to a Ryzen at any time so the use of this basic processor is not a barrier.

The low power consumption design makes the 200GE easy on the power bill. AMD Zen has many improvements for power management.

The CPU cooler has an attached pad, we suggest removing it and using Arctic MX-4 which is a better product and this will allow for cooler operation generally.

The 3 GCN cores are best for 1280×720 resolution graphics. Installing a graphics card such as a the RX 560 will significantly outperform the  integrated graphics and it will allow for 1920×1080 gaming.

At $55 MSRP the 200GE will definitely pressure Intel who has Pentium Gold processors that are substantially higher prices due to shortgages.


MSI and a few others have quietly updated the BIOS for their AM4 motherboards and while the Athlon 200GE is supposedly locked, the motherboards are allowing users to bump up the speed to close to 4 GHz with the OEM fan.