azure-cloudMicrosoft Azure is the business name for their internet services. Such as web hosting and other services. We moved our site to Azure in 2010 as the IBM machine were we using as web server had finally died. Azure was available so we took advantage of the service and we have been with them ever since.

Over time Azure has expanded their services extensively with virtual machines and many services aimed at small, medium and large businesses. Over time the number of services has now grown to over 500.

We have remained a small business with Azure web apps. Gone are the glory days before the .COM bubble popped.

It was not until 2016 however that we convert our old 90s style site to WordPress. Originally we tried a MySQL service but it came up short so we now operate our own database server.

Microsoft has largely catered more to ASPX type web sites while we came from a LAMP background.  Azure seems to be best with virtual machines which are low enough in cost to be competitive with many shared web servers. The database server can handle many clients.

Unfortunately the old .TK domains were not available to be used with the Azure web apps. Google was able to identify the change.


The site is now moved to Microsoft datacenters where it easier to manage. Azure provides the capacity for team operations using Active Directory which is part of the Windows Server platform. Using a large datacenter makes sense for the site as we grow. We have virtual machines galore available which is ideal for game servers. The web development tools work well with Azure and this makes working on the site easier. We have also move large numbers of photographs to other datacenters to increase the overall performance of the site.

Downloads are now converted to magnet URLs as Azure does not support them as a mime type. This will take time as the site is rather large.

Azure has a full basket of cloud services. We chose to use torrents as they are best for syncing a folder with game patches etc. Torrents use private citizens in a pool of shared interests. This is the lowest cost solution known. Storing download files on a cloud web server is not economically possible.


Originally Azure only provide a measly1GB of storage. This is not a lot of storage for WordPress which uses local copies of images for articles. We use Steam’s CDN for screenshots which reduces the storage load on the web server.