facebook logoFacebook  have been sued over in game purchases. Now more evidence of wrongdoing has been unsealed by the court.

This new documents are likely to increase the damages Facebook is going to endure. Fraud is an offence.

The records are part of a class-action lawsuit focused on how Facebook targeted children in an effort to expand revenue for online games, such as Angry Birds, PetVille and Ninja Saga.


The evidence is the legal proceedings are filed as exhibits and some emails go back to 2012.

They show that the company was fully aware that their business practices were anti-consumer.

The exhibits show that Facebook wanted to boost profits even in the face of violations.  It details an effort to educate developers on friendly fraud and why they should continue to enable the practice.

While the content of the presentation itself is not available, talking points include “Friendly Fraud — what it is, why it’s challenging, and why you shouldn’t try to block it.”


It’s likely that the game developer community will be watching the outcome as free to play games are now widespread. The monetization in free to play varies widely and we expect to see some changes once the case concludes. The backlash against Facebook is likely to be bad as well.