Bungie_logoBungie, the well know game developer who presently offers Destiny which has the distinction of being one of the largest games we have.

Bungie has left Activision which is a serious blow. While the Call of Duty series remains as a popular as ever, the relationship with Bungie has not been as successful. Rival Epic has been successful with Fortnite which means more competition is now present.

In Destiny, a first-person shooter online game, players protect the Earth from an alien takeover. Activision has agreed to transfer all publishing rights for Destiny back to Bungie.

We have Destiny 2 in battle.net, and the game will continue to be supported there for the PC for the time being. We are now expecting Bungie to be considering self publishing looking forward.

Bungie is well known for Halo which is still one of the all time best first person shooters and we still play the game. At 1920×1080 the artwork and animation in Halo is excellent.  Bungie has been a solid publisher for the shooter category.