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The IBM System/390 was released on September 5, 1990. The System/390 line of servers was the IBM flagship mainframe family in the 1990s. Already mainframe users were growing in depends faster than IBM could deliver new machines. Immediately the machine is obviously smaller and needs far less resources to run it. IBM has water cooled models …

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COMPAQ 386/20

Back in late 1988 we bought the Compaq DeskPro 386/20. This machine was $3,500 new in 1988. The desktop design is rather common in the CRT era as monitors were generally placed on top the machine. SPECIFICATIONS Intel 80386 20 MHz OEM motherboard 2MB EDO DRAM 3½” floppy 720MB Seagate ST251 40MB hard disk 100W …

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We have often refurbished old machines for impoverished persons who can then use the machine at little cost. Unfortunately many who discard old machines with BIOS passwords etc set that makes it more costly to refurbish. Desktop machines can be repaired for much less cost than a notebook machine. Desktop machines also are dramatically more …

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The IBM PS/2 Model is the flagship of the original launch on June 1987. The machine reviewed is the Model 80-111 which cost $10,995 in Q4 1987.. MCA slots ISA slots 80386 20 MHz 2MB RAM supplied 16MB Maximum 128kB BIOS 1.44MB floppy drive VGA, EGA, MCGA graphics 115MB hard disk 230MB maximum disk capacity …

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The Commodore 64 was announced at the CES in 1982. The MSRP was $595. MOS 6510 CPU 64KB RAM 20KB ROM 2 joystick ports cassette tape support ROM cartridge support Commodore was making some 400,000 units a month over the first 5 years before sales softened due to the rising low cost PC and changing …

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The IBM PC was released on August 12, 1981.  The machine is model 5150 and the monochrome monitor is model 5151. The desktop design is rather common in the CRT era as monitors were generally placed on top the machine. We bought one of the IBM PC machines in 2001 as the machine was much …

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ATARI 2600

The Atari 2600 was released on September 11, 1977 by Atari. The 2600 is a second generation game console that typically came with a pair of joysticks and maybe a game pad depending on the year purchased. Aftermarket joysticks and pads were available. Unlike first generation machines that were generally hard coded logic, The machine launched …

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ibm system 370

The IBM System/370 was announced on June 30, 1970. The System 370 is designed to be largely compatible with the System/360 with much better performance and more memory and the growing use of hard disks. The address space was raised from 24-bit to 31-bit to support a larger address space to make it possible …

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IBM System 360

The IBM System/360 mainframe was announced on April 7, 1964 by IBM.  This machine was the first to adopt the 32-bit word design which made more sense for arithmetic calculations. The System/360 replaces all of the older model machines and it supports backwards compatibility using emulation. The machine had to be reset when the emulator …

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