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ERROR CODE 0X80240017


Error Code 0x80240017  occurs with Visual C++ 2015 runtime that fails to install. This error is seldom seen as most people have their systems updated automatically. vc_redist.x86.exe vc_redist.x64.exe We have seen this error occur when pending updates for Windows 7 and above have not been installed completely. Run windows update and then try installing the …

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Microsoft releases new versions of Windows every few years. Microsoft also releases service packs and platform updates periodically. Following many questions Microsoft has now released a support matrix. This provides the exact dates for general availability and the last day of support (Windows updates). Each version of Windows will have 5 years of mainstream support. This may …

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ERROR CODE 0X80190194

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Error Code 0x80190194 has been seen with Windows update servers (WSUS). When checking for updates, clients may all fail with a 0x80190194 error. It is caused when certain updates are removed from the server but the database is not updated. For example, when Microsoft removed Live Essential from Windows Update, the installer fails as the …

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Malware became apparent early on with the personal computer. Over time security tools became available to combat the problem. Windows Vista and above come with Windows Defender which provides some modicum of security. Other security programs were expected to complement or replace it. In practice many used Windows with no additional security programs in place. …

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visual studio 6 enterprise

Microsoft Visual C++ needs runtime redustnutables to be able to run programs.  Generally when a program is installed the installer handles any dependencies automatically. Below are links to download the appropriate redistributable for the version you might be attempting to install: Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable (x86)… Microsoft Visual …

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Windows XP 64-bit and above all can run PC games galore easily. With enough installed memory, 64-bit versions of Windows will load system components into higher extended memory and away from the lower 2GB where legacy games will run. MIcrosoft calls this Windows on Windows and it has been done when 16-bit moved to 32-bit …

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Video cards have long had more than 512MB VRAM so again x64 is needed to be fully exploit the card. VRAM is shadowed in main memory. The DMA controller copies the assembled frame while the CPU works on the next one. With the GTX Titan X 12GB, at least 32GB of memory is needed to …

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In 2004 Microsoft released Virtual PC to the public as a free download. It allowed users the ability to run separate Windows session in a window. The Virtual PC 2004 release could run DOS and up easily. We tried a Windows 95 disk as well as a Windows 98 SE disk and we could run …

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What are the Difference Between Rack and Blade Servers

In the old days people used shelves and tables with computers on them all wired up to the internet. This was common for web servers before machines became powerful enough to be consolidated. As network moved from 10 megabit to 100 megabit it was now possible to run games with remote desktop as easily as …

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Remote Desktop as it is know today first was provided to Window XP and Windows Server 2003. Previously Terminal Services was used with earlier versions of Windows NT. See racks of machines. Remote Desktop connections are available with the professional versions of Windows. This is not available with the home versions which only have …

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