fake-gtx-960We have been looking to procure a short single fan version of the GTX 1060 3GB for the shop. We have abandoned shopping for a RX 470 mostly as the cards are dual fan and hard to fit a µATX machine. EVGA wants $220 for a new GTX 1060 3GB single fan.

Sadly we have run across vast numbers of counterfeit cards. We saved one of the images of the counterfeit cards off eBay and it clearly shows the presence of only one DVI, one VGA and one HDMI which is seem on some low end Fermi cards. Fermi cards are worthless so counterfeiters put a new cooler on them and try to sell them to unsuspecting consumers.

All GTX 1060 cards have dual DVI and HDMI along with 3 DisplayPort.  To use VGA would require an expensive active adapter.

GPU-Z now also has been upgraded to identify counterfeit cards. We only wish they had not done that a decade ago. The the Vamery problem would never have got as far as it did.

Notice as well on the counterfeit that there is no branding on the cooler either. This adds to the evidence as all legitimate manufacturers place their logo on the fans.

eBay has been polluted for a very long time and we have reported counterfeits and they have done nothing. Alibaba is also chock full of counterfeit cards. We have warned people may times about counterfeits so that our fellow gamers will have a safe gaming experience. Nobody likes to be defrauded. eBay makes money on fraud which is what is wrong with the entire business model. Why is the department of justice not cracking down? Larceny calls for up to a year in the slammer, more for predicate larceny.

Changing email accounts on eBay is also borked, entering the CAPTCHA code over and over always is rejected. So problems are pervasive. This is why we report on issues all the time, there are problems and we want to make it safe for everyone.


Over at NewEgg they want $260 Canadian for a new GTX 1060 3GB single fan. They want $390 for the 6GB card which is a staggering premium for a measly 3 more GB of memory. Even EVGA only wants $325. Here is another example of NewEgg ripoffs. We check prices constantly as we are far from rich.