Darksiders IIIDarksiders III was released on November 27, 2018 by THQ Nordic. The game was developed by Gunfire Games. Darksiders III is an action adventure role playing game.

Gunfire is largely made up from members of the original Vigil Games group that made the first two games.

Return to an apocalyptic Earth in Darksiders III, a hack-n-slash Action Adventure where players assume the role of FURY in her quest to hunt down and dispose of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Immediately gameplay is similar to the previous releases but with much better graphics. If you have played Tomb Raider, the dynamics are similar. The story in  Darksiders III is much richer this time around too.

Fights are one of the major elements of the game therefore violence against (most of the time) fantasy creatures is occurring all the time during gameplay.

Enemies are stronger than in previous installments, but appear less in numbers during encounters, so as to make battles feel more personal. Some enemies from previous games will return, while other foes are new.

While exploring, Fury must solve puzzles and overcome platforming obstacles, some of which make use of her whip. Such puzzles include using bombs and the Flame Form to blow up obstructed pathways and materials in the environment.

The game has the usual crafting and leveling system of all role playing games.  Fury collects souls from enemies and from objects in the environment, as a form of currency or an expendable resource.

The story continues with the previous installments. Fury, Rider of the Black Horse, sister Horseman of the Apocalypse, and one of the last of the Nephilim, in her quest to hunt down and destroy the Seven Deadly Sins, as ordered by the Charred Council.


Operating System Windows 7 x64 or better
CPU Core i5-4690K  or better
Memory 8 GB or more
Hard Drive Space 25 GB
Graphics Hardware NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 780 or better
AMD Radeon® R9 285 or better
Network Broadband Internet Connection Required