dell p991The Dell UltraScan P991 is a professional 19″ monitor. This monitor has a MSRP of $599.

  • 19″ black or beige color
  • 2048×1536 QXGA
  • 75 Hz refresh
  • VGA standard
  • Trinitron CRT
  • .18mm dot pitch
  • 125W

The P991 is a large and impressive monitor. Its such an extreme monitor that video cards are not yet available that can take advantage of its maximum resolution.

High-end AGP video cards available typically can get 1600×1200 from the P991 which is typical for most monitors. The P991 can achieve 85 Hz which reduces problems for those with sensitivity to fluorescent lights.

The dot pitch on the Trinitron CRT is incredible good. We had to use a magnifying glass to be able to see them. Sony manufactures the Trinitron and many professional monitors use them for good reason.

Users may notice some thin wires across the display. These wires are intended to support the shadow mask which is unavoidable.

The power switch is a simple rocker and there are some buttons to adjust the horizontal and vertical position. The monitor is able to handle any resolution from 320×200 and up and it can automatically detect the resolution.

Depending on the game, the P991 can handle any situation so DOS games and Windows games alike are all playable within the scope of the video card capability. The P991 with Windows 98 makes it possible to have a large work area for multiple windows open at once.

The brightness of the P991 has to be seen to be appreciated. It has to be one of the best displays available. Even at 2048×1536 the P991 was clear and bright even in a brightly lit office.