ECHOSTAR 680W PSUThe Echostar 850W is an ATX 2.03 power supply that seems to another Leadman 8867 250W. being sold at far beyond its actual capacity. Calling this 850W is counterfeit.

This PSU is even worse than the A-Power AK 680 we have.

PCB reads LP-8867 Rev: 1.3. Caps are Cheng LS on the primary and Cheng X Low ESR secondaries. Exactly what the Leadman PSU uses.

  • Black Mirror Edition
  • 680-Watt power supply
  • Quiet 5-inch LED Fan (Lights up Blue)
  • One (1) 12-inch 20+4-pin ATX power connector
  • One (1) 12-inch 6-pin PCI Express connector

The 250W ratting of this board means that it’s best off with a socket 7 or Pentium II platform at best.

Only the main 20/24-pin cable is sheathed to just 12″ to the first connector on all cables which include a 4-pin CPU, a 6-pin PCIe, two SATA’s, 6 molex and a FDD.

The photo below matches the Leadman PSU board which means this is a 250W capacity. The 120mm Fan does help keep the PSU cool but it cannot compensate for the heat generated with the average load in 2009.

The Echostar 850W might survive in a machine with integrated video and a single hard disk. Anything more would overload this badly.

The 120mm fan can help trick somebody into thinking the Echostar PSU can handle more hardware, but do not let that fool you. The board inside is rated at 250W. This proves this PSU is counterfeit.

Echostar 680W with the cover removed