ddr3-dimm-ramWe have a single stick of Elpida DDR3-1333 which we have been using for testing motherboards. Sticker on the DIMM bears MT16JTF25664AZ-1G4F1 which is a Micron part number. This RAM is old enough to be very early in the DDR3 period.

See the RAM Timing page for more information on how RAM timings work.

AMD AM2 and Intel Sandy Bridge and above all have integrated memory controllers. A BIOS update may be needed to use higher capacity memory.



4 5 5 14 18 380 MHz
6 6 6 17 23 457 MHz
7 7 7 20 27 533 MHz
8 8 8 22 30 609 MHz
9 9 9 24 33 666 MHz
10 10 10 24 33 666 MHz

This table supports the full JEDEC up to DDR3-1333 which is the top speed for the standard before it was revised (version F) to include DDR3-1600.


We only have a single stick of this memory. We searched with Google and discovered a single matching stick on Amazon. To our disgust the shipping was jacked up at checkout to more than double the displayed value.

The Amazon images come from an abandoned attempt to purchase a single stick of ELPIDA 16JTF25664AZ-1G4F1. The shipping rate for a single stick of memory should be $2 maximum. This is gouging in the extreme. Clearly the Amazon shipping tool is broken badly so this page now shows how even large corporations cannot manage run ecommerce properly.

We have now abandoned the attempt to match the existing stick for dual channel operation. With these sky high costs its less expensive to buy 2 new stick of more recent and faster memory. FYI: Amazon does not take PayPal and they want the Credit Card which exposes customers to unnecessary risks.