evga gtx 1060 single fanAfter several other cards priced higher than we wanted to spend, we finally have won an auction for a EVGA GTX 1060 3GB ACX 2.0 (03G-P4-6160-KR). This card competed with the RX 480 and this card ended up being slightly cheaper.

The RX 480 was hard to find in the fall of 2016 and nVidia was able to provide adequate stocks of the GTX 1060 3GB for the market segment. The 12nm RTX 2060 is much more expensive at a MSRP of $349.

The hammer fell at $137 Canadian for the card which is a big discount over a new card. The savings will go far towards additional hardware desired for the studio. The nVidia Pascal cards are still actively being manufactured unil nVidia provides a new card at this segment of the market.

The vendor is domestic so we can expect the card to arrive in about 7 days or so. Some cards sold earlier on for more pesos but late in the day after midnight eastern we had nobody step in and overbid.

The vendor does not ship until the PayPal transaction has cleared which in Canada can take a few business days. In the US we are aware that PayPal clears overnight. Given the auction closed on Friday evening it may not be until tuesday before it clears.

EVGA GTX 1060 3GB GPU-ZThe small 7″ size of the EVGA ACX 2.0 card allows it to fit into smaller ATX chassis as well as standard ATX chassis.

The Kepler and Maxwell cards were made on a 28nm process while the Pascal ards are made on the 16nm process so there are many advantages to the smaller feature size.

The GTX 1060 has a single 6-pin PCI Express power connector. The GTX 750 we have also has the same 6-pin PCI Express connector. The GTX 1060 however is materially more powerful with more than double the CUDA cores as well as faster clock speeds at no extra cost in power.

The GTX 750 has a 128-bit memory system while the GTX 1060 has a 192-bit memory system which is the same as the old GTX 660 Ti card. The clock speed of the GTX 1060 is dramatically better. The GTX 1060 is about 4 GFLOPS which is stupendous. It does all that with 30W less power than the GTX 660 Ti.

We desired a better graphics card with the Pascal architecture while also selecting a more powerful card to materially improve gaming at 1920×1080. The GTX 1060 will now be the most powerful card in out collection.

We are considering more videos for the site but the GTX 750 was not powerful enough to handle that workload effectively. The GTX 1060 has more than double the CUDA cores which should allow enough resources for good video capture.


We ended up grabbing the GTX 1060 as the RX 470 we tried failed with code 43. We probably will still consider some Radeon cards but we need to get some new chassis to accommodate the larger cards.


We have considered the nVidia RTX cards but the undesirable components of AI hardware and the ray tracing gimmick are not what we want. The rumor mill has speculated nVidia will have some new models without the undesirable components later this year. In the meantime the GTX 1060 should allow is excellent gaming at 1920×1080 for a long time to come.


We also grabbed a low cost ST4000DM004  4TB disk for storing some seldom played games. These low cost 5400 rpm disks are also helpful for a media library. We intend to procure more hard disks in 2019 mostly for general storage purposes.

In 2018 we increased the number of games in Steam and other loaders. This has pressured the storage situation considerably which is why we continually buy more disks. 4TB disks are now the best value which is why we selected one immediately.  By the end of 2019 we probably will have another significant increase in the number of games installed which will demand more disks.

Larger capacity disks are available however we are able to manage with 4TB disks at present. 6TB and 8TB disks are more than proportionally more expensive but the premium is lower than the next class of higher capacity disks.


We have followed the prices of SSD products. We use SATA SSD drives in our mobile machines. Now M.2 SSD drives are close to the SATA prices Smaller 1TB products are now affordable enough to consider for new build. Motherboards range widely in features but $150 can get a very good one. AMD CPU prices are low cost but DDR4 prices are still  more than we like.