17-104-953-10-300x225The FSP Group Saga+ 400R (PSUFSP400-60GHN85) power supply is a basic low cost generic 350W ATX 2.1 model for desktop machines.  FSP Group is a low-end brand out of Taiwan. FSP has the ISO 9001 designation, which suggests their serious about becoming a stronger brand in the industry.

The 400R  is the standard ATX 86 mm by 150 mm at the back panel to fit the standard ATX screw positions. The 400R is the standard 140 mm deep which is allows for lots of room for DVD drives and the cable assembly.

The 400R has a white finish with a screen panel on the back to allow the best airflow. The large 120mm fan on the bottom allows for a far greater air flow which is needed when the PSU is loaded. The paint is the best feature of the 400R  which does give it a modern look when installed in an older machine.

The 400R uses a pair of 12V circuits to reduce costs. Typically one rail is used for the motherboard and the other supplies the PCI Express supplemental power. The overall quality of the components is very basic. We would have liked a single 12V rail so that the load would be better balanced.

The 400R  is a standard ATX 2.1 class power supply. It features the standard 2×12 motherboard connector with a single strand of Molex and a single strand of SATA connectors.

The PCI Express cable is a 6/8-pin capable of supporting a single display adapter. Better would have been to provide a pair of 6-pin PCI Express cables to support entry level gaming video cards. Video cards only use 8-pin if a pair of 6-pin connectors provide inadequate power.

The 4-pin ATX12V limits the choice of motherboard this PSU can support.

The 400R  uses a 120 mm sleeve bearing fan to keep the assembly cool. Ball bearing fans are more costly but they also are less noisy and have a longer service life.

The 400R is an older design that uses separate circuits to each of the voltages. More modern designs now use DC-DC converters drawn from the 12 V line.


  • 120 mm Fan
  • Cooler and quieter operation
  • Sleeved cables
  • One (1) 16-inch 20+4-pin ATX power connector
  • One (1) 16-inch 4-pin +12V power connector
  • Four (4) large Molex 4-pin power connectors
  • Two (2) SATA power connectors
  • One (1) small floppy power connector
  • One (1) 6-pin PCI Express power connector
  • RoHS Compliant
FSP Saga+ 400R ATX Power Supply
AC Input Rating DC Output Rating
AC Input: 100V – 240V DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 -12V +5Vsb
Current: 8A Max Load 20A 16A 10A 13A 0.8A 3.0A
Frequency: 50Hz – 60Hz Maximum Combined Wattage 130W 120W 150W
Total Power: 350W


A total of 3 different connector strands are available with the 400R. The Molex peripheral strand has 3x connectors with a single Berg connector on the end for a floppy drive. The SATA strand has 2x SATA power connectors. The wires in the cable feel lightweight.

The ATX12V cable is connected to 12V1 and the remaining cables are powered by 12V2 which affords a reasonable setup. This PSU lacks the EPS12V seen on some PCI Express based motherboards.


Software monitors showed the PSU to be within range even when playing demanding games. The PSU seems to be well within ATX tolerances. We use various motherboards and most new models now have sensors to show if a PSU is faulty.

More and more power supplies are now using thermal fan control. The 400R uses fan control to reduce the idle noise which is still uncommon in 2011.

Testing the power with the USB scope, the noise level was below 75mV on the 12V rails. The power factor remained over 98% which is not bad for this price point.

Overall the FSP Group has managed to label their PSU with a clear and close to correct specifications. The 400W peak load is better than many cheap models we have seen.


We connected the power meter to the PSU and the power consumption suggests the 400R  can barely meet basic 80 PLUS efficiency. This is not bad given the price point of the 400R.

There is no certification on the box or the side sticker as each make of the same OEM model must be certified which adds to the cost. The box claim makes no claim, but we noticed this PSU for sale with NewEgg who claimed 80 PLUS. The load meter showed the 400R was unable to get much past 80% efficiency. This is still better than power supplies many OEMs used in the past.

The FSP Group seems to be more respectable compared to others. This PSU is much closer to actual capability when compared to some older models.

Corsair CS Series 450 Watt ATX Modular and Efficient Power Supply CS450M


The test motherboard is the Asus P8H61-M LE/CSM. It only needs an ATX12V 4-pin connector. The i3-2100 is only 65W and this PSU can support a basic video card fine.

In operation the exhaust air was not appreciably warm mainly due to the light load of the machine. The main disadvantage is the lack of the EPS12V 8-pin motherboard cable which is now seen on more and more motherboards.

After 5 years of use, the 400R has managed to survive without fault. The FSP Group clearly has better quality power supplies than many competitors. We replaced the 400R with the Corsair CS450M which is much more energy efficient. Modern 80 PLUS power supplies are now much more efficient so its advantageous to replace older models quickly. 80 PLUS gold has a rapid payback even with lower electric rates.

EVGA 430 W1 80+, 430W Continuous Power, 3 Year Warranty Power Supply 100-W1-0430-KR