ICUTE 640 CHASSISThe iCute 640 chassis is an enthusiast chassis for the Pentium IV platform. As every 14 year old overclocker knows, more and louder fans mean more air flow, and thus more performance headroom. The 640 has fan on the font, rear, top and side panel.

The photo is the exact model we have, there are hundreds of models of chassis manufactured by iCute. They also sell into the OEM market.


  • 9 PCS metal mesh bay cover
  • BLue Power LED
  • 4 sets 5.25 to 3.5 adapter + 12 cm fan bracket in the front
  • Metal mesh fron panel for Excellent ventilation
  • Extra large thumb screws for easy open side
  • Excellent VGA (SLI system) Cooling
  • HIgh performance and low noise level

Overall this chassis has survived for many years in our shop. The extreme cooling has been the biggest asset the 640 has going for it, no question that heat buildup is a problem but with the high slow there is nowhere for it to accumulate. The high airflow also benefits the power supply which does not have to cope with additional heat.

The USB is on the side of the chassis under a flip out door. It took many years before this became a minor nuisance. Front panel boxes are abundant and models to fit the floppy bays are inexpensive. Larger boxes to fit the DVD bay are more expensive. We have also seen USB front panel docks for a 2½” hard disks.

Power supplies like our Corsair TX850V2 are designed for 50°C because many chassis models in the late 1990s and 2000’s did not have adequate cooling. The top fan makes it a tad cramped to install the bigger power supplies. Pop-rivets can be used to secure the fan grill if the fan needs to be removed.

The machine came with 80mm fans but the grills can accept 120mm fans easily. We replaced the OEM fans with ball bearing blue LED fans and this chassis has managed to remain quiet in operation.

The chassis has seen several motherboards over the years. Even the power switch has not failed at all. All of the LED panel lights continue to work like new.

It has also had the PSU replaced several times. The OEM PSU was good but more recent motherboards with more power demands exceeded what the old 300W PSU could manage.


After 10 years of use, the MSI 970A-G43 was installed and the machine was refurbished for use for another 5 years,