installaware-logoRecently on Twitter we saw a post from Visual Studio over a new tool for making installer for software distribution. InstallAware X7 is available for Visual Studio 2017 and it seems to be able to work with older versions as well.

Generally InstallShield has been the tool of choice with Visual Studio so any new tool has its work cut out for it.

Most are aware of MSI and MSU installers which are 32-bit and 64-bit respectively. Here at Hardcore Games™ we prefer to use 64-bit as this affords a much easier platform for allocating resources as needed.

Microsoft has updated Visual Studio 2017 many times as they work to deal with the vast number of new bugs that have surfaced with the requirements of Universal Windows Programs and other initiatives as part of the Windows 10 platform.

InstallAware X7 takes quite a while to install so its best to do so in the evening. It installs all of the SQL Server Express versions from 2008 onwards along with .NET packages that are also already installed. Expect to need maybe 20GB for all of the components installed.