meeple-stationMeeple Station is a new game by Vox Games currently being developed with the Kickstarter platform.

We are also alpha testing the game for the developer so that we can provide some technical assistance should it be needed.

The game is presently scheduled for released on February 7, 2019 but we are pleased to be able to present this preview now to help the developer get some market presence.

Meeple Station is a cooperative Space station Simulation game. Strongly inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld (with a hint of Space Station 13). Where the complexity of a simulation game blends with the friendly and satisfying nature of a Real-Time-Strategy game.

There is a wide range of paraphernalia for a space station. From simple furniture, like bedding and seating, to complex machinery, life support and power grids. You choose where and how to build it all, and your Meeple will have to adjust to your changes.

Meeple are simple creatures. They’re not human, nor are they incredibly intelligent. They’re a race of space fairing creatures who enjoy industry, work, and exploration. But they need a lot of guidance, YOUR guidance, in fact.

Gameplay is isometric which is similar to Simcity and Cities: Skylines etc. The game offers a range of components from which to build their space station. The game is under development so we will update the gameplay as the game moves towards release.

The game has minimal system requirements which will appeal to those with laptops and entry level desktop machines. The game is about 500MB at present but it may become slightly larger as the artwork expands.