58478783-bd47-4bd3-8cb5-604803dd88dfThe Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 is one the newer generation packages from Microsoft. Microsoft also has discrete keyboards and mice in addition to the bundles.


The Wireless Desktop 2000 uses a standard USB dongle as the receiver. The dongle can support both keyboard and mouse so there is no need for a second dongle.


The Wireless Keyboard 2000 is a standard 104 key US style model. It requires 2 AAA batteries which are included. The keyboard has many function keys that can be programmed as desired. Multimedia keys are compatible with Media Player, WinAMP and iTunes.

The keyboard features AES 128 encryption to prevent eavesdroppers from intercepting signals. AES 128 is strong enough to be rated SECRET by the US security agencies. This security operates all the time so the keyboard is as secure as a hard wired model.

The keyboard is slightly different compared to the old Digital Media Pro keyboard. It takes only a few minutes to retrain the fingers for touch typing as the key locations are slightly different for some symbols.

One feature we like is that there is a place under the batter compartment to store the USB dongle. This makes the keyboard much more mobile.


The mouse features the new BlueTrack technology that allows for a wider range of surfaces that will work. The Wireless Mouse 2000 is significantly better compared to our old Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical when used on the desk surface. The mouse uses a pair of AA batteries which are included.

The BlueTrack Technology light beam is more than four times larger than the average laser beam used in other laser mice, so you can point, click, and scroll with precision, no matter where you are.

BlueTrack Technology outperforms laser and optical mice. The large, blue beam, combined with an image sensor and pixel geometry designed by Microsoft, generates a high-contrast picture of the surface that allows exceptional tracking accuracy.

The mouse uses more power so we use available Ni-MH rechargeable batteries which last much longer than alkaline and they work well in the Wireless Mouse 2000.