xboxMicrosoft was late to the console business. They used the popular Halo: Combat Evolved to launch the platform.

  • Pentium III 733
  • GeForce 3 Ti500
  • 64MB DDR
  • 8GB 3½” hard disk
  • DVD drive
  • 32MB memory card (optional)
  • 64 channel audio
  • 10/100 Ethernet

The Microsoft XBOX and the rival PS2 are designed to run on old analog televisions which 720×480 maximum resolution. While the console could support HDMI, the games were generally scaled rather than rendered at 1280×720.

A good rule of thumb is for a game at 640×480, moving to 1280×1024 is 400% more demanding on average and 1920×1080 is 300% more demanding again on average.

Games like Half-Life, Counter-Strike have such easy system requirements that many can be played on recent laptop machines easily. Low-end machines may lack adequate GPU performance but integrated graphics on CPUs have improved slowly.

Most PC gamers play at much higher resolutions which requires proportionately more powerful graphics cards. The GeForce 3 Ti500 is hard to beat but every year better video cards are released.