ASUS XG-C100C We use several computers here at Hardcore Games. The desire for faster networking is a universal one.

10GBASE-T has been pervasive in the corporate world for a long time, consumers have been stuck with 1000BASE-T for many years.

The problem with 1000BASE-T is that copying backups over the LAN is slow at 100 MB/s. The faster 10GBASE-T can handle SSD speeds  at over 1 GB/s.


Sadly, motherboard makers have continued to ship 1000BASE-T and instead have opted to offer Wi-Fi instead of 10GBASE-T.

  • Asus Z170 Maximus VIII Extreme, comes with a PCI Express card
  • ASRock X99 WS-E/10G
  • ASUS X99 E-WS/10G

It seems that 10GBASE-T which is common with datacenter machines. Intel need to design a 10GBASE-T chipset that can be installed on a motherboard using PCI Express lanes that can be sold for less than existing corporate solutions. Until more machines have 10GBASE-T there is no motivation for change.


Gamers can use a PCI Express 3.0 x4 slot and install a 10GBASE-T card. This is the best option as the card can be removed an installed on a new motherboard.

  • Asus XG-C100C

The Asus card is first 10GBASE-T NIC targeted for consumer use with a suggested retail price of $99.

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10GBASE-T switches are less expensive and models with 8 ports are ideal for the home.  For new installations category 7A cables can handle 10 gigabit speeds over 100 meter cables. Category 6 can handle 10 gigabit at up to 55 meters.

Cisco Aironet Wi-Fi units are widely installed by ISPs in shopping centers and other locations. Some consumers are buying them for their homes. The new Cisco Aironet 3800 series offer wave 2 802.11ac connections that rival 10GBASE-T performance.

Wired connection have the lowest lag which is important for action games.

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Low cost unmanaged switches like the Netgear 4 ports switch is enough to wire even a large home. By using one more more 802.11ac Wi-Fi access points the whole house can be served. This provides the best solution.

More expensive 8 port and 12 port 10GBASE-T boxes are why Wi-Fi is the best bet for now.  Placing the Wi-Fi in the attic or on the ceiling provides the best coverage.

Corporate 10GBASE-T boxes with 24 or more ports are expensive and not many homes are able to afford them. 40GBASE-T boxes are becoming less expensive but network cards are expensive.