newegg-logo-vectorWe compared the hard disks sold by NewEgg in the US and in Canada and we discovered many lower cost offerings are not available in Canada. We filtered NewEgg for desktop hard disks, 4TB and larger sorted by price. Here in Canada only the major brands are offered, the white label disks are not offered.

Many games in our collection are 50GB or larger. Destiny 2 and Battlefield 1 are over 80GB and the trend for larger game distributions seems unabated.

We use a lot of hard disks mostly as we own vast numbers of games. We also use large numbers of laptop disks for backups with our USB cable. Low cost 2TB disks are viable at present and 4TB disks are falling in price rapidly.

The erosion in the average selling prices of hard disks has seen the shipping cost exceed the value of the disk. This has forced the capacity increases to make it practical for the so-called channel. The 2TB disks are popular for older machines which are not UEFI, more recent machines can handle larger system disks.

We would buy the white label disks in considerable numbers as machines can be expanded with more storage for backups and game testing. Disks are a mature technology and usually can last for 5 to 10 years.


Backups should be redundant in case of the unthinkable. USB disks are very low cost and they can handle the job of backups easily. Multiple copies mean peace of mind.