Nvidia-logoNew of Nvidia now binning RTX 2070 chips comes as no surprise.

EVGA cards are known., The XC Ultra Gaming is labeled as TU106-400A-A1 while the Black Gaming carries the TU106-400-A1 marking. The cards differ only in speed.  The XC Ultra Gaming sports a boost clock of 1,725MHz versus the 1,620MHz boost clock on the Black Gaming.

As the RTX 2000 series matures over the next few months we expect to see a lot more cards filling the price points. This is typical for both AMD and Nvidia. The CPU sector also bins processors for speed.

Drivers are still a problem as some games are crashing. Other games work fine. We suggest playing ones that work until the game developer and Nvidia can fix problems.

The date on a TU106-400A-A1 showed 1833 wich puts manufacture of the chips in late August. This is not much time to stabilize drivers. 416.64 hotfix is still the best driver for now. Most likely Nvidia will be working hard to stabilize the driver quickly so that sales are not hampered.