Nvidia-logoNo surprise that nVidia is in the news over weaker earnings.  The glut of video cards purchased when digital coin values were higher are now being sold off widely on eBay etc.

This will likely mean tough times for the corporation for a considerably time.

We recently bought a GTX 1060 for a small fraction of the new price due to the flood of cards in the market.

AMD has also struggled but the have gained with CPU sales so they are holding on a bit better. nVidia only has a graphics chip in their portfolio.


CNBC charts can be downloaded for a blog post which is ideal for a article that has meaning now but may not in a a few weeks or months. Stock trading moves fast on news. The chart shows the last 6 months which captures the decline well.

We speculate that eBay will be awash with low prices for quite some time to come. Shoppers can now find some excellent prices for PC gaming cards. Unfortunately some mining cards do not have even a DVI output so they cannot be used for graphics.