We have long been users of mobile machines. We have use laptop machines galore but we also have tablet machines. Many of our machines are Lenovo mostly as they are better made and supported.


Lenovo X230 2320 Intel i5-3320m Intel HD 4000 332 4 GB 1366×768
Lenovo X220 4287 Intel I5-2520m Intel HD 3000 259 4 GB 1366×768
Lenovo T500 2055 Intel Core 2 duo T9400 ATI HD 3650 120 2 GB 1680×1050
Lenovo T400 2765 Intel Core 2 duo T9400 ATI HD 3470 54 2 GB 1440×900
Samsung R540 Intel i3-380m Intel HD graphics 43 1 GB 1366×768
Toshiba Satellite Pro A210 AMD Turion 64 X2 AMD x1200 N/A 1 GB 1280×800
Toshiba Satellite A100 Centrino Duo T2050 Intel GMA 950 N/A 1 GB  1280×800


The chart is sorted by GPU performance but some of the old machines do not have a complete implementation of DX8 so they cannot be used for shaders properly. Our Lenovo T500 has a very high resolution LCD so gaming on it is more taxing compared to the lower resolution of the Lenovo X220 which has double the graphics performance

Obviously if a given game works on the Lenovo T500 it will run better on the X220 or X230.. Games that are unplayable in the T500 may be playable on the X220 or X230.


We have upgraded the storage in most of our machines mostly as new 2TB hard disks are faster and have room to galore. Some machines however have SSD drives which are faster to load windows with.

We have also upgraded the RAM in our machines. We use 64-bit Windows which needs more memory to work efficiently. Even older DDR2 based machines can have at least 4GB of memory installed and DDR3 based machines can usually have at least 8GB of memory installed. Our Lenovo X220 and X230 can support up to 16GB of DDR3 memory installed.