Quake II was originally designed for DOS but a year later a version for WIndows was released. Eventually the game engine was released as open source. The game has had several new resolutions added. This includes 1920×1080 so that the game can be enjoyed on a modern widescreen panel. Unpack the archive into the …

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shadow warrior 1997

Shadow Warrior was released on May 13, 1997 by GT Interactive. The game was developed by 3D Realms. Shadow Warrior is a first person shooter. Shadow Warrior is a first-person shooter similar to Duke Nukem 3D and using the same Build engine. Players navigate the protagonist, Lo Wang, through three-dimensional environments or “levels”. Throughout levels …

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US $100

The BBS operational costs are making it hard to operate without a revenue source to cover the cost. So far nothing has emerged as suitable for monetizing a BBS. Many corporations are now moving rapidly to the internet. With a dialup internet account we are not able to take advantage of web hosting as the …

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WinAMP was released on April 21, 1997 by Nullsoft (Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev). This MP3 free player became one the most widely download program ever. When WinAMP 2 was released the MP3 audio format became wildly popular. WinAMP runs on Windows 95 natively. Unlike the older WinPlay3, WinAMP was designed to be a much …

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Star Wars: X-Wing vs Tie Fighter was released on April 17, 1997 by LucasArts. The game was developed by Totally Games. Star Wars: X-Wing vs Tie Fighter is a space based action shooter. This game is designed for multiplayer. There is a practice mode but this game does not have a campaign. The game requires a joystick …

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Alpha Storm was released on January 1,1997 by Psygnosis who also developed the game. Alpha Storm is a first person shooter. Alpha Storm is a spaceship simulator and a first person shooter. You can travel through star systems. Encounter enemy fleets and battle them with the ship’s weapons/devices, or by shooting the enemy ships shields down …

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The Advance Configuration & Power Interface (ACPI) is an API to replace the older Advanced Power Management, Multiprocessor and Plug & Play specifications. ACPI brings power management under the control of the operating system instead of the BIOS. The goal is to allow any OS to be able to have a standardized API to manage …

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Battle.net is the online gaming, social networking, digital distribution and DRM platform operated by Blizzard Entertainment. Battle.net was the first online gaming service incorporated directly into the games that make use of it, in contrast to the external interfaces used by the other online services at the time. This feature, along with ease of account …

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assassin 2015 cover

Assassin 2015 was released on September 30, 1996 by Inscape. The game was developed by Bluesky Software. Assassin 2015 is a first person shooter. Jack Butcher is a former soldier, and now an assassin working for the government. His contact Sabre has a new assignment for him: takeout Jacques Arnoud, head of Microkomm and an …

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Meridian 59

Meridian 59 was released on September 27, 1996 by 3DO and Near Death. The game was developed by Architype Interactive. Meridian 59 is a massive multiplayer role playing game. Meridian 59 may not have been one of the biggest games in the genre, but it was arguably one of the most important. This game actually …

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