RAIDMAX SMILODON 612WBIn use we found the door to be more in the way, games in XP era were still largely disk based and the swapping of CD/DVD media is a pervasive nuisance. We had 2 DVD drives installed mostly to reduce the times the disk needed to be swapped. The 612WB has room for up to 4 DVD drives.

The 2 USB port are again blocked by the door which make it a hassle to use USB sticks,


  • Side panel latches
  • Front Door
  • Removable motherboard tray
  • Transparent side window
  • Efficient ventilation
  • Video card stabiliser with fan bay

We found the aluminum construction to be weak and this make it hard to work with. The edges inside was also rough  so cut fingers were another unwelcome problem. We tried using some fine grade sandpaper but aluminum is hard to work with.

The airflow from front to rear is conventional, the side panel fan is not generally needed. The video card stabilizer was a good idea but using 2 screws and the motherboard clip are generally adequate for dual slot video cards like a GTX 260 etc.

We abandoned the chassis due to the problem, we have other steel chassis that are dramatically less problematic. Its easier to use sandpaper with steel to get rid of rough edges.

We also dislike the rails used, we prefer the more conventional screws for disks. Thumb screws for the video card are a better idea.