seagate-green-horizontalSeagate is now spending more cash on developing heat assisted magnetic recording technology so that smaller sized datas can be squeezed into plate. Perpendicular recording has reached its limits so the industry has to move on to the next step

The idea is simple, use a laser to heat the disk area and then write the data which will have better coercivity and retentivity. Seagate expects to reach 100TB by 2025 which will be popular with corporate users. Gamers with vast libraries of games like we have will also benefit.

HAMR will likely be slow but the vast amount of permanent storage cannot be discounted. 100TB is a vast amount of storage.


We are aware that WDC is also close to having HAMR disks in the market. Toshiba is also developing their approach. Most likely corporate users will get the new disks before consumers do.