Due to theme problem, SEO issues, certificate problems and more. We had to basically reset the site from scratch to get it to render.

It’s not clear why all the problems manifest over the last couple of weeks but we have been forced to so some very advanced work to fix the site and recover the content.

The site is stripped of everything and it will take a very long time to rebuild it. We disabled all the components as we rebuilt the site so it will take time to test parts to see what is broken.

The cookie notice no longer works properly so it has been removed.

Due to ongoing headaches with certificates we are abandoning their use. The online generator is not working like it used to so the problems are now festering worse than ever. Google now nags for certificates, so if they want one they can provide it, we refuse to spend 40 hours a week writing code for Linux. Long term certificates are very expensive and with extensive adblocking that is not feasible.

Some of the features of Yoast such as twitter open graph, facebook open graph and verification codes like Google, Bing and Yandex should be intrinsic to WordPress so themes and plugins are not needed. This would simplify things and reduce the number of errors headaches.

Running a site is not trivial and if anyone thinks it is they are very misguided.