star control orginsStar Control: Origins was released on September 20, 2018 by Stardock Entertainment who also developed it. Star Control: Origins is a strategy game.

Star Control: Origins is an action/adventure game with RPG elements. The player explores the galaxy, conducts diplomacy with alien races, and engages in ship-to-ship space combat. Players are able to land on the surface of small spherical planets and travel along the surface.

The game will feature a story editor, allowing players to create new storylines and dialogue for aliens. The aliens will lip-sync with any custom dialogue the players write.

When Atari filed for bankruptcy in 2013, Stardock bought the rights to the game at auction. The series’ creators Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III claim to own the Copyright in the first two games which has been ongoing. The original Star Control is a 2D platformer game for DOS while Origins is a modern 3D game so no comparison can really be made from what was done back with DOS 3.3 vs what is doable today..


Operating System Windows 7 x64 or better
CPU Core 2 Quad or better
Memory 4 GB or more
Hard Drive Space 26 GB
Graphics Hardware Intel HD 520 or better
Network Broadband Internet Connection Required