evga gtx 1060 acx 2.0 single fan

evga gtx 1060 acx 2.0 single fan

Here at Hardcore Games we have a couple of bins with video cards. Now that FullHD panels are available we are now offering a spreadsheet guide for selected video cards.

The GFLOPS that a given card can deliver is as good of a measure as any. While TMU and ROP numbers have some impact on rendering performance the performance numbers, GFLOPS remain the most relevant today.

The color coded design makes it easy to see the capabilities for a given card. All widescreen panels can display 640×480, 800×600 and 1024×768 standard modes in addition to the HD 1280×720 and 1920×1080.

Halo: Combat Evolved was very demanding when it was originally released. Reviews tested video cards at 640×480 and found few that could even reach 30 fps. Halo has a built-in benchmark that is still usable for low end and mid range video card testing but generally its now largely obsolete.

More recent panels with 2560×1440 and3820x2160 are proportionally more demanding and suitable video cards are very expensive. Additional VRAM is needed as well to cope with proportionally more buffers etc.

VIDEO CARD GFLOPS 640×480 1280×720 1366×768 1680×1050 1920×1080 2560×1440 3820×2160
HD 610 48              
HD 3000 129              
HD 3650 174              
GT 630 2048 MB 311              
GT 710 2048 MB 336              
HD 4000 339              
GTX 260 476              
GT 640 4096 MB 692              
GTX 750 1,111              
HD 7870 2048 MB 2,560              
GT 660 Ti 2048 MB 2,634              
GT 1060 3072 MB 3,935              
RTX 2060 6,451              
RTX 2070 7,456              
RTX 2080 10,068              
GTX 1080 Ti 11,340              
RX Vega 64 12,583              
RTX 2080 Ti 13,448              

While most games can support 640×480, some recent games have a minimum resolution of 1280×720. Some recent game have been released with very low system requirements. Such games can often be played at higher resolutions than this guide suggests. The Intel HD 610 (Kaby lake) reaches a new all-time low for poor performance.