windows 10Windows 10 build 18290 is an interim released of the 1H19 version.

Some improvements and polish to the Start Menu is the most obvious change.

Date and Time sync is also improved but Windows does not yet allow for multiple time servers.

Now its possible to monitor the microphone with the new system tray icon. Privacy concerns are abundant about the microphone monitoring everything. Double tap on it to bring up a dialog to handle settings.

The Mail and Calendar app is also revamped. Now it has improved task management.

A lot of bugs have also been fixed, most are less commonly encountered. The telemetry server prioritizes bugs based on frequency.

Windows Update will now display an orange alert when an update needs to reboot the machine.


Some users are not receiving some updates. This is due to some incompatibility with a driver or other problem. We have lots of disks and install Windows clean frequently on fresh media and restore files from a USB cable off the old disk. The goal is to eliminate issues with software compatibility.

Hard disks are very inexpensive and SSD drives are falling so fast that they are likely to become the SWAG that hard disks are now. We find fresh installs tend to eliminate performance woes with many games.

Fresh installs mean all updates are applied and this can get around some driver problems like the Intel issue we reported earlier.

Microsoft offers ISO images of some versions of Windows so that clean installs can be done from USB sticks or DVD drives as needed. The last ISO was build 18272.