Fuse character creatorGaming on mobile machine has grown considerably. Integrated graphics from Intel have been comparatively weak for many years as their engineers ignored the problem for so long.

Laptop vendors had to use discrete graphics for any kind of video performance.

Then with Samsung R540 we noticed Intel has some rudimentary graphics. We also have the next generation with our Lenovo X220 which has about triple the graphics performance.

Unfortunately OpenGL has been dropped with Windows 10 with Intel’s hardware even though the capability was present with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Intel and others want consumers to buy new machines all the time. Both out Samsung and Lenovo machines run Window 10 fine, its simply Microsoft and Intel taking steps to degrade the machine’s capabilities.

Microsoft wants developers to use the universal application model which is built around the .NET framework to some extent. DirectX 9, 10 and 100 are available for conventional engines. OpenGL is available along with several other less well known packages.

Visual Studio 2017 added the Unity engine in addition to other packages for mobile phones. Games with the Unity engine have grown in number but licensing costs are high which means most games are free to play.

Unity has a vast collection of add-ons to made it easier to develop a game. with the explosion of games on Steam it has become so difficult to get noticed. As a result many games never even recover the capital outlay.

Unity has a market with free and commercial packages galore for anyone who wants to spend 6-12 months on making a game.

The Unreal engine is more conventional engine for a FPS. The platform is setup for a team project which makes it more demanding, but that is why leading AAA games cost $60 eash. Unreal licensing is very reasonable and does not ask for royalties unless the game earns a fair bit of money when everyone wins.

The Steam Source engine is free for those who are willing to publish with them. Steam even offers Blender (open source) for developing game maps. Steam has become the goto for many who do not mind the Source engine complexity. Steam Filmmaker can help script gameplay for shooters etc. Steam has supported the community most generously.

We also found a tool called Fuse which is a character creator. It has one DLC which expands the range of characters. Characters can be exported to usein game engines or 3D Studio etc.

Visual Studio 2017 has Xamarin which simplified phone game development. The limited screen space of older phones is giving way to full HD and beyond with the popularity of the larger plus models.