Windows-10-logoWindows 10 version 1709 also known as the Fall Creators edition was released on October 17, 2017 at 10:00 AM PT. It is being delivered as a feature update for Windows 10. Installing the update is slow on hard disks and SSDs alike, Windows 10 version 1709 is code named Redstone 3.

For gaming, TruePlay is a new feature in Windows to allow developers to deal with cheating in games. Valve has the well know VAC which watches for suspicious gameplay and this is now available for all games for Windows.

Next is the updated Photo app. It has been improved to better organize your photos and editing needs. There’s a new feature called Story Remix that makes it a breeze to throw together a few pictures and video clips for those post-vacation slideshows. It also allows the addition of a soundtrack.

VR is being added to the core systems in Windows to reduce overall system requirements and to better standardize the hardware so costs can come down quickly.

Paint 3D is improved. The idea is to better handle 3D models possibly working with Blender or other 3D authoring package.

Windows works well with iPhones but now Android is being better integrated. Notifications API was added to Android 4.3 and this allows any app to be a listener.

The Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is intended to be helpful for consumers and businesses alike. The application guard is especially useful against programs that may have been downloaded that turn out to be not such a good choice.

The Windows 10 version 1709 also has improved device protection to secure the hardware. Processors have long had things like memory management, now Windows take this into the kernel for more protection in the secure boot mode.

Many of the new features in Windows 10 version 1709 are targeted to corporate needs. Thinks like improved management and more focus on mobile device integration into Active Directory.


Controlled Folder Access is a new feature to help protect against Ransomware.  Ransomware attempts to extort payment to unlock encrypted files.

Following a breakin at the NSA, ransomware has become more menacing. The threat to consumers and business alike cannot be underestimated.

To enable Controlled Folder access, open settings, then update and security and open the Windows Defender Security Center. Open the Virus and Threat Protection settings and locate the Controlled Folder Access switch.


In the task manager windows 10 now recognizes the GPU. The  Intel i5-2520m with the HD 3000 graphics in our Lenovo X220 is not being recognized. The HD graphics in our Samsung R540 is also not recognized.


The balanced power profile (default) now supports the voltage control properly for AMD Ryzen processors. This includes supporting the lower voltage modes which can reduce idle power to below 1W.


We have an iPhone 5S and when we tried to install the Cortana for iOS app for the phone service it was not available in Canada. Microsoft has since fixed the problem.


  • Fixed an issue resulting in Train Simulator 2017 failing to launch on recent flights.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in not being able to tab into an open PDF in Microsoft Edge after interacting with the any of the Microsoft Edge window elements using mouse.
  • Fixed an issue where the Windows Defender Security Center app icon was missing in taskbar when the app was open, as well in Start’s all apps list. You will also notice that the icon is now un-plated in the taskbar.
  • Some adjustments to address an issue resulting in sudden and brief CPU spikes where you couldn’t move your mouse. If you’ve encountered this, please try it in this new build and let us know if your experience has improved.
  • Fixed an issue where minimized app windows on mixed-DPI monitor setups might end up drawing offscreen after your PC resumed from sleep.
  • Fixed an issue where if you changed your display language preference to something other than the machine’s default then any app which did not take an update while also getting the updated language resource package from the Store would end up continuing to display its tile in Start in that default language rather than the new language displayed within the app and other system UI.


A lot of game problems with earlier releases have been fix to some extent. Instead new problem have arisen making it hard to keep track of what works and does not.

Game issues resolved include:

See the page for games incompatible with 1709.