windows 10Windows 10 build 18272 is an interim release as Microsoft continues to developing Windows 10 19H1. The roll out ti insiders is slower mostly as Microsoft also wanted to have ISO images ready for distribution.

Microsoft is continuing to work with Windows Hello for more recent machines. We used Lenovo X and T series machines which have finger scanners. These can be used to sign-in to Windows or a PIN can be used.

Microsoft has been working to make the onscreen keyboard more useful. They have also improved the mechanical keyboard interface as well. Transliterations of Indic languages is now able t recognize works like “namaste” which means (नमस्ते) bow in greeting. Check the language options for more details.

Caps lock is sometimes a nuisance when it is accidently activated. Now Windows will let you know more responsively.

Printing is improved with better support for PDF for screenshots etc.

Sticky Notes is also improved with version 3.1. Now you can use dark colors.


The Windows Subsystem for Linux is broken. Microsoft said they would fix ASAP.