WOW! RX 570 4GB SOLD FOR $75

msi rx 570

msi rx 570

We are watching ebay auctions and we are witnessing some dramatically lower average selling prices for cards that are as good or better than the EVGA GTX 1060 we recently acquired at auction.

We paid $137 CAD ($104 USD) for a EVGA GTX 1060 3GB card about 2 weeks ago. Today we saw a MSI RX 570 4GB card sell for $75 which is very eye opening.

We have 2 bookmarks, one for Radeon cards and one for GeForce cards. We follow the trends and sometimes buy card for a given machine for repair or refinishing.

With such low average selling prices we are expecting to see many with older hardware to be very disappointed as it is now virtually worthless. The RX 570 is more powerful than the GTX 1060 card we have and this suggests that more and more high-end cards are going to be sold into the low end of the market where people may need to consider a better power supply.

Cards like the RX 570 are longer so a full size ATX chassis is needed to be able to accommodate the size. Additional fans are also needed to handle the waste heat.


Power supplies will also benefit as enthusiast video cards need a 650W power supply to be safe. Bigger is generally better.

We have several 850W power supplies as we are well aware of the power draw of high-end cards. We have a Corsair AX860i which has 6x PCI Express cable for dual cards with 3x power plugs on them. 850W power supplies are generally more efficient at 40% load and the extra capacity means adding fans and other parts are not an issue.

Card like the HD 7990 have 3x 8-pin PCI Express plugs to handle the dual GPU setup, Today dual cards are not necessary as a single card can handle gaming needs fine.


We suspect that PC gamers will snap up video cards in droves to improve their rigs. Sales of new cards will be down sharply but motherboard and CPU sales should be good.

The upcoming AMD processors will likely be popular for the gaming community. The move to PCI Express 4.0 will improve motherboard performance with new chipsets. The rumor mill suggests AMD may have 16 core consumer processors available. Our MSI B350M Bazooka motherboard would need a BIOS update for the new processors.

Another rumor suggests AMD will only have maybe 5,000 Radeon VIII cards at launch. Given the price we suspect they may be a hard sell to gamers who are snapping up low cost Polaris cards in droves.