amazon logoWith the collapse in digital coin prices, PC hardware prices have fallen as demand has returned to more normal levels. If you go look over out shopping page you will see that prices for Radeon and GeForce cards have fallen to below MSRP as the glut of video cards gets worse.

Many have inventories of unsold video cards and we see ads for bundles of 6 cards on Amazon but prices are not corrected for the current market prices. There are many who do not correct their prices which is why sales are dismal at best. Nobody likes to take a loss but supply/demand curves apply to everything.

Advertising errors are common everywhere due largely to the ignorance of the parties who are reselling. For example we saw a complaint over nickel in a watch band that cause an allergic reaction and the customer was very irate and actually had an attorney write a letter. Games ,at least, are allergy free. We suggest cetirizine for allergies which is off patent, low cost and comparatively effective.

We use AMD for desktop machines as they have much better hardware for the money compared to Intel. Gaming today can take fairly good advantage of a 4 core 8 thread rig with a single extreme video card which is very mainstream for PC gaming.

Memory prices have also started to fall as demand has fallen for lower capacity DIMMs. 4GB DDR4-2133 is now very affordable to populate all 4 memory slots. 8GB DDR4-2133 is still a premium but prices are narrowing. 16GB and 32GB sticks are still very expensive.

AMD motherboards are abundant at the under $99 market. There are over 100 models to select from with a wide range of features. Even the high-end of AMD boards are under $175.

For a single gaming class video card, a 650W PSU can handle the load fine. We do not recommend anything less than 650W as power on loads are very demanding before the system enters the idle state. The BIOS POST sequence has all devices in maximum performance mode while loading the cold boot loader for Windows.

We track prices as many here have a limited budget for hardware.