Amazon ads with insane pricesWe also have noticed  some ads from Amazon with prices way out of line with pricing. One ad had a Sapphire RX 470 for US $599 which is triple the price when the card launched.

Sapphire is the asian manufacturer previously owned by AMD before they spun it off as an independent company. Sapphire offers reference class video cards as well as factory overclocked models.

MSI is another well known AIB vendor who sells Radeon cards.

We have a screenshot to show this problem advertising. Clearly there are pervasive problems. Which is why we present screenshots to bring it to everyone’s attention. Nobody likes to be scammed.

These ads appeared with an article over pricing issues with NewEgg.

The pricing of items a much higher prices in Canada has a long history and we often criticise the practice.

The photo shows the ads as they appeared. We now realize that Amazon context ads are fundamentally borked.

Custom ads are available but they are seriously limited in the number of products allowed. Right now they are limited to 20 items which 100 would make us happier.

Context ads evidently have been gamed by operators under Amazon which really make referrals impossible for us. Who wants to click in a video card ads for 5x the price?

This is also the reason why we use an alternative ad on the footer, Those ads pay a few centavos for a click so we we at least have some ads that catch user interest. Unfortunately inventory of ads is limited for high traffic sites like this one.

One ad in the larger set shows a RX 470 card with 4GB and the vendor wants $5015 for it, this is one of the reasons for this article criticising Amazon who does not seem to take much interest in helping their legion of affiliates. They should remember the affiliates are what made Amazon the company it is today.

The really worrying problem is that prices for all of the cards are far above fair market for them. The Vega 64 is the only card that is properly priced.