amazon logoWe have finally been paid for services from Amazon. They owed us an aggregate of $95.65 for commissioned sales and $14.07 for CPM ads.

The Amazon disbursement covered the period ending on August 31, 2017.

We maintain a US bank checking account so that US based affiliate agreements are easily paid.

International payments are still a problem for many. We use PayPal which has been helpful however Amazon had never used PayPal. Other services are available.

This now brings our affiliate position with Amazon up to date.


Amazon launched their OneLink campaign for affiliates earlier in 2017. Initially they included earnings from Canada and the UK. Now we see they have expanded this to Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Japan.

Amazon requires separate affiliate agreements which makes global operations like web-sites to spend significant amounts of man hours on bureaucracy.

Perhaps some new approach for affiliates will be implemented. That day may be far off but we hold out hope.


Amazon is one of the few affiliates who have proportional native ads. This are capable of working with a theme that maintains a proportional look independent to the screen side or pixel density.


Amazon refused to pay us even though we exceeded the payment threshold.. Clearly there are problems with payment and Amazon, as an example, does not use PayPal so this option is not possible.

We have heard of some ex juris affiliates using Payoneer which was able to get funds paid to them. The cost of this service is on top of the typical 2.5% imposed for foreign exchange. Fees eat up funds rapidly with $1.50 per transaction. The Payoneer prepaid credit card costs $29.95 annually and charge $3.15 per withdrawal..

Tax Treaties is meaningless when a small business is driven into insolvency because some large corporation can get away with it wants to. At least as consolation, losses carry forward at tax time.

Before we established a US address and US bank account we were not paid. The US based checking account costs $3.95 monthly and their bankcard does not have any fee to use it online or at retail