AMD 2990WX VS INTEL I9-9900K

fav-icon-512-leftWe have seen many articles about AMD’s flagship CPU vs Intel’s flagship CPU we felt was time to clarify some things most never consider. This article is very cynical for reason.

The AMD 2990WX is a large die that is segmented into 4 pieces. Each piece is interconnected by a fast bus but it does impose a slight penalty compared to a single piece CPU. This was necessary to achieve 32 cores and 64 threads.

The Intel i9-9900K is 8 cores with 16 threads thanks to hyperthreading. The Intel CPU runs much faster than the AMD CPU due to the monolithic design and the higher clock speeds.

AMD has now some CPU drivers that now are able to keep tasks isolated to one segment of the CPU to minimize the performance degradation. This will make everything run better on the 2990WX.

The AMD 2990WX is basically a server CPU being sold to consumers for X399 motherboards. Intel also sells server CPUs to consumers who what a more powerful processor.

AMD and Intel both need water cooling to cope with the heat generated. The flagship processors tend to have 125W or higher TDP ratings which are more than a typical CPU cooler can manage with.

The AMD CPU has more cores and this is more favorable for highly threaded code. Its also more favorable for an operating system which runs a large number of demanding programs such as what a server might encounter.

The AMD CPU  has 60 PCI Express lanes which is helpful for dual video card scenarios with enough lanes for an Intel Optane card and still have lots of lanes for SSD drives. PCI Express is easily fast enough for video cards even with only 8 lanes per card. Perhaps AMD is offering the CPU to cope with 4-way Vega 64 video cards? That probably will be needed to handle the new 8K LD panels now available.

If you are only using a single video card, the Intel CPU is overkill for most games as 98% of titles are GPU bound not CPU bound. The same applies for the AMD CPU. The fact is that both of these processors are very expensive and not many will be sold.

A 4 core 8 thread CPU can handle even for the RTX 2080 Ti video card. Again, most do not use the flagship video card either due to the cost.

So back in the real world, we suggest a modest 4/8 CPU with a mid range video card is all that anyone needs. Better to buy a high-end CPU with 80 Plus platinum rating which will save money.