AMD logoAMD’s motherboard partners have started releasing the new B450 socket AM4 motherboards. Asus, Asrock, Biostar, Gigabyte and MSI will have news of new B450 motherboards very soon. AMD wants to leverage their advantages over Intel heading into the important Q4 season

The B450 replaces the older B350 and it brings with it a wide range of improvements including support for the new Ryzen 2 processors recently announced.

An interesting feature with the B450 is that is now supports overclocking which previously needed the more expensive X470 chipset.

6 SATA and a pair of SATA Express are provided and support for dual video cards is also present. Other features will be dependant on available models. USB will be abundant as usual.

AMD has repeated their position of supporting socket AM4 until 2020. The new B450 is simply another step in roadmap.