AMD logoAMD is using TSMC and Globalfoundries (GF). Recently GF announced work to die shrink from 14nm to 12nm. GF mentioned that production is ready for very early 2018 and this will give AMD an opportunity to refresh the CPU and GPU lines

At present work with 10nm is being developed by Intel for 2018 and work on 7nm is expected later in the year. volume shipments. Intel has been stuck on 14nm for quite some time while they have worked to get the 10nm node viable with.  Intel is reading Cannon Lake with their 10nm line for late 2018.

Globalfoundries and TSMC has been confident that their 7nm lines will be successful. At present, TSMC 256 megabit SRAM is achieving 75% yields.

AMD has been a small player in mobile, but with the new CPU models, its possible that AMD may be able to find more demand.

450mm wafers are still not being widely used.Most new foundries are upgrading to 300mm wafers as smaller lines are overhauled.


Globalfoundries has indicated its customers can chose to build chips that are up to 700 mm² in size. This means monster GPU products are possible.
GlobalFoundries 7nm