AMD has spent about 4 years working on the Zen CPU design. The goal of 40% better efficiency has been met. AMD now is using the Ryzen branding for the design based on the Zen work.

AMD processors are seen in the Xbox One and PS4. AMD desktop processors are not as popular as Intel’s but that is going to change with Ryzen.

Multiple architectural advances combined with platform and processing technologies propel users to the next horizon of computing. AMD started from scratch instead of recycling Bulldozer or K10.

The Ryzen will have 8 cores and 16 threads. 20MB of combined cache memory. The clock speeds will start at 3.4 GHz with a boost capability and 95W TDP..
AMD new branck prediction
The Intel i7-6900K (8-core Broadwell-E chip) needs 140W. The AMD Ryzen is much more efficient at 95W for roughly the same performance when compared at the same clock speeds. AMD has worked very hard to make Ryzen very energy efficient.

The improved L3 bandwidth is shared by all the cores with Ryzen. With more CPU cores, branch prediction and cache control become harder to optimize. AMD us using a learning predictor to try to cope with a widely differing workload.

Earlier AMD indicated they are targetting JEDEC DDR4-2400 while Skybridge was designed for DDR4-2133. DDR4 speeds in the market are already far past JEDEC speeds reaching DDR4-3200 which cater to the overclocking enthusiasts.

AMD also is introducing a new interconnected called AMD Infinity Fabric. This is a new and very fast way of connecting various parts within an SoC. Infinity fabric is not only used in the Ryzen processors, but also in the future Vega AMD GPUs and (almost) all other AMD chips in the near future.

AMD Pure Power

The cooling applied will be better leveraged as the Ryzen can now recognize the better solutions. AMD calls this Pure Power and it has 2 main components. The base clock at 25 MHz uses a multiplier of 136x to reach 3.4 GHz.  This fine clock control allows Ryzen to better manage the boost clock speeds.

The power management can also better leverage advanced CPU coolers. Water coolers have a better TDP capacity which can afford a slightly better clock speed.

AMD Turbo Boost

The 25 MHz clock granularity allows AMD to fine tune performance.. No doubt overclocking enthusiasts will like the improvement.s

Games run better with the Ryzen over the i7-6900K with Battlefield 1 running more smoothly at 3820×2160. Streaming with games will work well too. Ryzen has enough horsepower to manage. It can stream while playing a game on max settings.


AMD also demonstrated their new Vega GPU which is not expected to be offered until Q3 2017. The Vega card running at 3820×2160 achieve more than 60fps with upcoming Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One DLC.