between the starsWe are beta testing the upcoming Between the Stars which the developer, Isolated Games is expecting to be able to released early in 2019.

The game’s developer has been able to obtain full funding via Kickstarter so we are now expecting this game to be ready and on schedule.

Between the Stars is a roguelike game with action and strategy elements that puts you in the shoes of a stellar cruiser captain. Your mission is to protect the civilized world fighting the Children of the Sun, the faction that dominates the outer worlds of the known universe. To carry out your mission you will have to cross the galaxy, face new challenges in each jump, make difficult decisions that will affect your ship, your crew and the world around you, improve your ship’s equipment and fight in exciting battles to survive.

The game is a space based battle between players. The game has a permanent death system which results in attrition in the number of players until somebody dominates the universe.

The game is as much as role playing game as most in the genre.  We used to play Freelancer and Between the Stars has many of the same gameplay elements. The game is an open story. The universe is full of dangers and captains that want your head. Face them head on in frantic real time combat using your best weapons and skills.

Space stations are a meeting point for captains from all sides of the universe. In them you will be able to sell unused gear, buy weapons and blueprints, collect missions, hire crew and even stash your loot for future runs. These are all generated in a modular manner categorized by different factions so you can’t run into any two alike.

The game has a photo system which supplements the Steam overlay.

Modern system requirements with a GeForce GTX 660 Ti or Radeon R9 270X and 8GB of memory.