bing logoFor a while in China, was not available for several days. Conspiracy theories galore dominated the media.

Today we can report that Bing is once again available in China. We do not get a lot of traffic from China. The government apparently does not want people spending all day playing games. Then again this site is in English and its not widely spoken there.

Google pulled out of China in 2009, and a rumoured return sparked heavy protests from staff, leading to the eventual decision to abandon the project which was, according to sources, already staffing in three figures.

Baidu is the most widely known search in China. Although Bing isn’t exactly the lead player in the search market there., Microsoft has many other irons in the Chinese Fire(wall), including a new research centre due to open this year.

More recently many rivals have surfaced as servers become less costly. Now there are some new choices for consumers to select instead of one monolith corporation.