black roseBlack Rose was released on March 12, 2016 by Sir Bedlam productions who also developed the game.

Equipped with only a flashlight, you investigate an abandoned funeral home that’s said to be haunted. Find out what really happened to the people who once worked there, and hope that this dark, eerie building doesn’t become your final resting place.

Black Rose is a first-person survival horror game in which you assume the role of Linda, an average girl who heard rumors about an old abandoned funeral home being haunted.

This game is loaded with tricky movement. The ladder has to be found by checking all the tiles etc. You count the X’s and O’s in each tic tac toe puzzle. For example, if there is a X and a O in one tic tac toe puzzle, it would three lines, X=2, O=1.

Expect to do a lot of exploration while carefully making sure you are safe. Sometimes you have to made a run for it and then slam a door shut etc.


Operating System Windows Vista or better
CPU Celeron 2GHz or better
Memory 1 GB or more
Hard Drive Space 337 MB
Graphics Hardware NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT
AMD x1800 XL
Network Broadband Internet Connection Required

The game has partial controller support. Tab is the pause key.