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WEB 2.0


This site is a good example of Web 2.0 which uses a template and database architecture. This very article is a blog of the experience of the times. The term web 2.0 did not enter mainstream media for serveral more years. WordPress, for example, entered in 2003. These platforms allow improved communication between merchants and …

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Over the years we have gone from a BBS system to using Windows 98 personal web server. We uses a simple JavaScript trick to redirect the Tripod free web site to our server. Tripod is a free web host that survived the tech wreck in 2001. Tripod has managed to survive. PWS is included with …

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Microsoft Corporation has released a patch for FrontPage 98 that fixes a number of bugs and cosmetic issues. The patch, which weighs in as a 423K self-extracting executable, can be downloaded from the Microsoft FrontPage 98b Update page. Update, Microsoft has removed the update in favor of new versions of Frontpage.



We began developing our site with Microsoft Frontpage 98. We used it with Windows 98’s personal web server. Frontpage was around last year as the 97 edition however we did not have a web sever at that time. Frontpage is low cost at $49. Frontpage 98 also fixed a lot of issues seen with Frontpage …

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Back in the early days we ran a popular gaming BBS. We used a software package called Fido which ran on DOS and used a modem. A single user could connect and the Fido would answer with a crude version of what a web page is today. We focused primarily with gaming. DOS games were …

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