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WxWnd is a program that can run DX and OpenGL games in a window. We found this program over on Sourceforge. The program has been successfully used to play some very old DX5 and similar vintage games. Originally the program was developed by a Japanese national before the current American took over., He said the …

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Dungeon Keeper was released on June 26, 1997 by Electric Arts. The game was developed by Bullfrog Productions. Dungeon Keeper is a strategy game. The game took over 2 years to develop. An expansion, Deeper Dungeons, a Direct3D version and a level editor were also released. The game exceeds 800,000 lines of code. The primary method …

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Blood was released on May 31, 1997 By GT Interactive. The game was developed by Monolith Productions. Blood is a first person shooter. Blood is the goriest, bloodiest, most horrific 3D first-person action game ever made. Visit a dark near-future world populated by hundreds of bloodthirsty enemies. The player takes the role of Caleb in his …

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shadow warrior 1997

Shadow Warrior was released on May 13, 1997 by GT Interactive. The game was developed by 3D Realms. Shadow Warrior is a first person shooter. Shadow Warrior is a first-person shooter similar to Duke Nukem 3D and using the same Build engine. Players navigate the protagonist, Lo Wang, through three-dimensional environments or “levels”. Throughout levels are …

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Quake was released June 22, 1996 by GT Interactive. Quake was developed by idSoftware. On January 22, 1997, id Software released GLQuake. On March 11, 1997, id Software released WinQuake, a version of the non-OpenGL engine designed to run natively under Windows. The Steam version does not seem to work with Windows 10. The much-anticipated follow-up …

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Duke Nukem 3D was released on January 29, 1996 by GT Interactive. The game was developed by 3ED Realms. Duke Nukem 3D is a first person shooter. Duke Nukem 3D features the adventures of the titular macho Duke Nukem, voiced by Jon St. John, who fights against an alien invasion on Earth. Along with Wolfenstein …

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Command & Conquer was released on August 31, 1995 by Virgin Interactive. The game was developed by Westwood. Command & Conquer is a real time strategy game. The Command & Conquer games belong to the real-time strategy genre, with the exception of the first person shooter Command & Conquer: Renegade. A staple of the series is the …

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Descent was released on December 17, 1994 by Interplay. The game was developed by Parallax Software. Descent is a first person shooter. Descent is a highly advanced first person shooter boasting six degrees of freedom. One of the few games in its class to allow the player full freedom in moving up and down, left and …

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Doom II: Hell on Earth  was released October 10, 1994 by GT Interactive. Doom2 was developed by id Software. Doom 2 is a first person shooter. Immediately following the events in Doom, the player once again takes the role of the anonymous space marine who has proven too tough for Hell to contain. After being …

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system shock

System Shock was released on September 24, 1994 by Origin Systems. The game was developed by Looking Glass Technologies. System Shock is a first person action role-playing game. System Shock’s 3D engine, physics simulation and complex gameplay have been cited as both innovative and influential. Looking Glass sought to make System Shock as immersive as possible …

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L3ENC was released on July 13, 1994 by Fraunhofer IIS. L3ENC is a DOS program that could convert a WAV file to MP3. L3ENC was very heavily copy protected and it was comparatively slow on machines. L3ENC was also limited to 112 kbps which was intended for real-time ISDN transmission for radio station programs. Before …

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Elder Scrolls: Arena was released on March 25, 1994 by Bethesda who also developed the game. Elder Scrolls: Arena is a role playing game. The game is played by the first person perspective. The game world is called Tamriel. Bethesda has created a true virtual world, using light-sourcing and shadows to magnificent effect. The game offers …

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Doom was released on December 10, 1993 by GT Interactive. The game was developed by id Software. Doom is a first person shooter. In Doom, players assume the role of an unnamed space marine, who became popularly known as “Doomguy”, fighting his way through hordes of invading demons from Hell. One third of the game, …

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Dune II was released in December 1992 by Virgin Interactive. The game was developed by Westwood. Dune II is a real-time strategy game. While not necessarily the first real-time strategy (RTS) video game, Dune II established the format that would be followed for decades to come. As such, Dune II is the archetypal “real-time strategy” …

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1 To Nil Soccer was released circa November 2,1992 by Wizard Games. The game was developed by New Era Software. 1 To Nil Soccer is a soccer (football) simulator. 1 To Nil Soccer is a top down ASCII soccer manager. Yet, in spite of its limited graphics set (mostly consisting of ANSI ASCII)  the playability and …

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