cellfactor-revolution-2007Cellfactor: Revolution was released on May 8, 2007 by Artificial Studios, Timeline Interactive and Immersion Games who also developed the game.

The game was designed to show off the capabilities of the Ageia line of PhysX cards. These cards are designed for only physics processing. This allows the games that use the card to have a more physics-based gameplay.

CellFactor features barrels and boxes. They’re solid, heavy, and deadly, if used in the right way.

The beauty of CellFactor: Revolution is the graphics. The environments are where the graphics really explode, literally. The amount of interactive features in the game are rather impressive.

Using your character’s psychic powers, you can lift and toss practically any of these small items and watch as they all interact with one another—bumping and slamming into one another and spreading across the ground.

The psychic abilities really give the gameplay a boost. The psi rift can make a building crumble. The pieces can then be assembled into a ball to be used as a weapon.

If you build up enough power, you can even force-push through a pile of debris and use that to take out enemies, called out as a “PhysX Kill” by the game.

The game was released for free from the developers website. Now defunct.


Operating System Windows XP or better
CPU Core2 Duo processor or better
Memory 2 GB or more
Hard Drive Space 1 GB
Graphics Hardware NVIDIA™ GeForce® GTX 260 or better
AMD Radeon® HD 5770 or better
Network Broadband Internet Connection Required

The game depends on the Physx card to be installed.