Our certificate is now active after a lot of hard work figuring out how to implement it with Azure. Part of the problem is the certificate takes some time for Azure to swallow and then for it to figure out the third party ZeroSSL service we use which gives the site a no cost certificate so that the site is safe.

We wanted to provide out users the best possible experience.

Now that the site has a working http certificate for the domain using a wild card, the goal was to eventually use the TLD with other infrastructure such as a content delivery system for screenshots and video etc.

The Linux VM we have with Azure proved it usefulness when we needed to convert the text based certificates into something that Azure could digest. OpenSSL is a native tool with the Linux server. In fact it is so flexible we could leverage the VM as a certificate authority. Maybe we will into that business down the road and slug it out with others.

Google’s webmaster tools cannot be adjusted from http to http like their analytics service can. This means we had to reset the service and ask the service to reindex the http version of the site.

Stay tuned fore more here now that we have the show back in business.