untitledDigital Homicide is a game developer working in Yuma Arizona. They have released several games according to Wikipedia.

Evidently they do not like negative comments about their games.

Digital Homicide Studios’ second game, The Slaughtering Grounds, was released on October 31, 2014. The game was criticized for its poor graphics, numerous glitches, bad controls, short music loops, and use of pre-made models and textures not made by the developer. This sort of criticism is common with small independant games.

The Slaughtering Grounds was also the subject of an impressions video by Jim Sterling (formerly of The Escapist), in which he accused the developers of deleting negative feedback on the game from Steam’s review page, as well as banning users who criticized it. The developers responded by filing a take down notice over Sterling’s video.

On March 4, 2016, James Romine filed a lawsuit against Sterling for “assault, libel, and slander”, seeking over US$10 million in damages, which was later upped to US$15 million. On September 12, 2016, Romine filed an additional lawsuit against 100 Steam users for “personal injury” for a total sum of US$18 million.

Naturally Steam yanked all their games and DLC almost immediately after becoming aware of the suit. Steam was clear that it did not want to to do business with anyone who was hostile to Steam customers.

It seems that Digital Homicide has backed down to some extent but its clear that this is a mess nobody wants to touch. Litigation was eventually dismissed or withdrawn.

Digital Homicide became defunct on October 2, 2016.